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We specialize in high-quality blades for complicated materials, especially quartzite, dekton, and porcelain.

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SATUSA stands for Stones and Tools USA. We are a family-owned business that started with a van and a dream, and after 30 years, we now supply every shop in the USA and internationally. We specialized in very complicated materials like quartzite and dekton.
We pride ourselves on customer service and providing the highest quality tools for stones available in the market.
Thank you for choosing us. You won’t be disappointed with the results.

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Can the quartzite blade cut Taj Mahal?

Yes, it will cut it very swiftly without ever losing cutting power. Our quartzite blade doesn’t need to be sharpened in other materials.

Can the quartzite blade cut only at 45 degrees?

It can cut at 45 degrees and will never lose cutting power. We only advise doing one or two straight cuts before cutting at 45 degrees.

Dekton – Porcelain

How does the reinforced flange help the dekton blade?

It helps it by absorbing the machine’s vibration and the table’s imperfections. As a result, the segment receives almost no vibration and makes the perfect cut. It also fortifies the blade so it won’t bend under any pressure.

Granite – Quartz

What is the difference between de soft segment blade and the hard segment blade?

The soft segment blade works best on low HP machines or for high-speed cutting; Hard segment blades work best on high HP machines and big projects (this blade lasts approximately 40% more than the soft segment blade).